Traveling To Kyrgyzstan: One Of The Best Decisions I’ve Ever Made

Landscape in Kyrgyzstan 

Dear Kyrygyzstan,

I can’t believe that it’s been more than a month since I visited you.

I never really knew you not until I watched a documentary about the nomads. You caught my attention. From that moment, I can’t stop day dreaming about you. I can’t stop myself from reading travel blogs and telling to myself that “One day, I’m gonna be in this country”


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Armenia is a former union soviet republic, in the mountainous Caucasus region between Asia and Europe. Yup, there is a country named Armenia and they speak Russian.  Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is called the “The pink city” and it is one of the most beautiful city that I’ve been to.  They have a “union soviet” feels architecture which I find it interesting. The buildings are massive, concrete and the streets are clean and spacious.

Friend:  Where is your next destination?

Me:   Armenia

Friend:  Armenia what? That country sounds weird. Anyway, Goodluck to your adventure!

Me:  Just wait for my photos and stories when I get back. 

I’ve always believed that traveling is not just limited to France, Italy, Japan, and the like. Of course, I want to visit those countries but the world is so big that you need to explore some places too.  Each place has its own gem that you need to discover.


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Nairobi, Kenya: Must include on your bucketlist.

Nairobi, Kenya: Must include on your bucketlist.

Just around 5 hours flight from Dubai, lies an amazing country where you can enjoy the wild. Kenya was on my bucketlist. My mother, who stayed in Kenya for a year would often tell me that Kenya is an amazing country.  Kenyans are nice. Kenya is safe. Kenya is a must visit country.

Last May 2016 I was fortunate enough to travel alone this amazing country! As a Philippines passport holder, I need to secure an e-visa prior to my travel. You can also apply the visa upon your arrival.  Taking a malaria pill weeks before your flight is also a must. (This is for your protection on your entire stay in Kenya) 

Jambo!! After a five hour flight, I found myself in a new continent. “This is it, I’m in Kenya. Thank you!!” , I said to myself. I was teary-eyed while  walking towards the immigration area. I immediately made an overseas call to my mom. She was very happy! I was very happy too. After clearing the immigration , I went outside and looked for my driver.

I opted to stay in Wildebeest Eco Camp. I will make a separate post about them! They are the bomb dot com. Definetely a haven in a city!!

First stopped was at David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and it is located 10km from the city. I recommend to visit this place before heading out to a safari. As you know, elephants in Africa are in “danger”  alot of them are being poached for their ivory. I know, it is sad. This elephant orphanage is taking care the elephants 24/7. They are making sure that the elephants are receiving enough food, milk, shelter and they give them lots of love!

The orphanage is open to public from 11am to 12 noon. This is the time when the caretakers bring the elephants to their playing ground and show to the public how well they are doing.

People are patiently waiting for the elephants. Good thing the weather was nice!  People are patiently waiting for the elephants. Good thing the weather was nice! Playing with the light while waiting for the gate to open.  Playing with the light while waiting for the gate to open.

One of the the security guards of the place. He loves his job btw!  One of the the security guards of the place. He loves his job btw! Laundry Part 1 Laundry Part 1

Next stopped was a safari at Nairobi National Park, which was the highlight of my Day 1.  It is one of the smallest national parks in Kenya and it is located 7kms from the city.  You can arrange the animal safari from your hotel or you can visit their website.

I really wanted to see the BIG 5 but ended up seeing only four. It doesn’t matter tho. Seeing the animals in their habitat is already an achievement for me.  Aside from the BIG 5, I also saw turtles, various monkeys, gazelles, birds,  and more.

Reference for my future truck.


Rhino and Gazelle on their habitat. I tried my best to have a closer photo but they were just too far. Sigh

The safari was an amazing experience. I couldn’t help but smile upon seeing the view.  Of course, I took loads of photos. It’s not everyday I get to experience and go to a place like this. I cannot wait to go back and see the other side of Kenya.

I hope  this post convinced you to include  Kenya on your #bucketlist.


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Exploring Kathmandu, Nepal: People of Nepal Part 1

A few months ago I went to Nepal for a couple of days. There is something about this place  that intrigues me. Culture? People? Colors? Food? I don’t know, maybe. One thing for sure, Nepal was on the top of my list of Places to visit.

View from the cafe where I had my lunch.     View from the cafe where I had my lunch.

Looking back at my photos makes me smile and proud that I’ve come so far as a traveller and photographer.

See you soon, Nepal! I’m coming back for you. 

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Exploring Moscow, Russia

I’ve always wanted to visit Moscow ever since I saw photos of their underground metro.  I just had to see it for myself. Exploring the underground metro was overwhelming. My feet were aching from all the walking that I did inside the metro. Also, I had a hard time communicating with the locals. It was all worth it though. Seeing Moscow through the undergound metro is definitely an eye-opener.

Train Station in Moscow

Train Station in Moscow

Look at the interior!!! It’s very beautiful.

Strangers, Locals

A collection of people inside the metro and I’m stalking them.

Train Station in Moscow //Russians

Train Station in Moscow

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